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Gun & Militaria Videos
These gun and militaria videos are submitted by staff and users of Included are a numnber of vintage U.S. Army training films. as well as current videos on shooting as well as weapons cleaning and maintenance. Any non-commercial videos that are gun, militaria or military histor oriented may be posted here.

To have a video listed click here. Currently our system supports videos hosted on YouTube.

PLEASE NOTE - All videos are reviewed before listing and videos that contain commerical advertising, copyrighted materials, profanity, or are not on topic will not be listed. Submitting a video does not guarantee listing.
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How to Shoot the M1 Garand Rifle - Proper Trigger Squeeze
How to Shoot the M1 Garand Rifle - Proper Trigger Squeeze
posted by admin

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Rifle U.S. Cal. .30 M1 -- WW2 Training Film
Rifle U.S. Cal. .30 M1 -- WW2 Training Film
posted by freymann
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